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Brake disaster!

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Attempted to remove pads and discs due to wheel wobble under braking but discs are severely seized on and the usual tap with a hammer became numerous clouts with a lump hammer which became heat from a blow torch followed by further blows from the hammer! The disc has now broken leaving the central section firmly attached to the hub, grinding off then hammer and chisel may be an option but I'm thinking I'm likely to have hub/ bearing damage after all this. The question is assuming I can't remove the discs where does this leave me regarding minimum parts required and can I even do the job without separating the discs from the hub's? I'm thinking separate lower ball joint and pull out hub's probably having to change bearings and wheel studs??

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Blimey you definitely have had a dingdongdoofajob with your discs. I'm totally gobsmacked and I have to ask. Did you remove a little grub screw first before attempting to remove your discs?

What is your car? Can you post pics so your problem can be seen?

I've never come across a disc seized on to a hub ever.

If it's so bad the the simplest thing is to grind the discs off.

Good luck anyway with which ever method is used.

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Thanks for the replies, there was 2 spring washers which I removed but I've not found any screws despite cleaning in between the studs etc. I'm off work Monday so will try again and it's now looking like grinding them off. Problem  is it will be almost impossible to not damage the hub's and surely this would affect the wheel balance? If the hub's need replacing am I right to assume this will include bearings which need a press to change?

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