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ABS lite


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I changed an abs sensor cos the lite started flashing then eventually it stayed on and didn't go out this has been going on for ages it would sometimes not come on for weeks but now its on permanently so I changed the sensor, wot I wanna know is do I have to have the lite reset or am I going to have to change all of them? cos the lite is still on, :sad: 

I don't have a code reader to find out which 1 it is (cant find one that works with my car) 2003 tdci

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The ABS should self-test every time you turn the ignition on so it's likely there's another problem.

If you're friendly with a local garage it's worth seeing if they'll stick their code reader on for a tenner or something.  Must be some Ford related software for the Mk1.5 though, isn't there any that you can get for an ELM cable on those?

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WOW that was quick:ohmy:  im waiting to see my neighbour I know hes got a laptop that he can plug in

the mot is coming up and I don't think it will pass with a lite on (i'll take the bulb out if I have to):ph34r:

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17 minutes ago, Stoney871 said:

Because it will be EOBD not OBDII an elm won't work (different protocols).

It needs to be EOBD.

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A mate at work plugged his one in that was a EOBD/ OBDII reader but it would not communicate

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