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Excessive Diesel causing smoke. Only on start up??


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I recently changed all four injectors on the car, I had done a 400 mile run over last weekend with no problems neither smoke. However when the car is left for 5hours it now smokes from excessive diesel but only on start up.

There is no power loss and drives smoothly. I read up on searching to do a leak off test, Which I will do this weekend. But would it not be the seal at the bottom of the injector that would be faulty, if there is excessive diesel in the pots?, please correct me if I'm wrong.

It would be great to pin point if an injector is faulty, as pulling out all four and sending them all back will incur additional testing costs.

I'm going to try re-coding them now and see if that makes any difference.


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When I read the codes three out of four of the codes were different, So I re-coded and went for a short drive. Checked again and one of the 3 codes had changed so re-coded that one. I shall see what happens tomorrow.

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