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A question for Ford mechanics please?


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Hi. I would be extremely grateful for replies to these two questions. I own a Ford Focus (62 reg) 1.6 ti vct (petrol engine) with 19 000 miles on the clock. I used to own a 2003 Ford Focus 1.6 (petrol engine). In the owners manual of that car it said that the oil consumption of the engine reaches its normal value after about 3000 miles. It also said that the oil consumption of the engine depended on many factors (didn't say what they were) and that under high loads the engine will also consume more oil. It doesn't mention this information in my current 2012 Mark 3 Focus. I have been told by a ford garage that the above will apply to my car even though it's not mentioned in the manual. Why do you think it is not in the manual and also what is the "normal value" of oil consumption that Ford are meaning? ( I was told about 250ml of oil for about 2000 miles of driving)
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