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Fiesta Zetec S 55 plate Fan Relay what part number?


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Hello all. My girlfriend broke down a few days ago. Her fan was making a loud noise when she stopped at work. Then when she came back to the car, her battery had died.

RAC said that the Fan Relay had stuck, cleaned it out and said it needed replacing.

I contacted Ford with her registration to which they asked for VIN Number. Then said that there's lots of different ones and if I wanted one I would have to first pay for a Diagnostic test of £65 and the relays are around £30. Not wanting to pay close to £100 and seeing various relays on eBay for sub £10, I would like to do myself. 

Problem is that RAC said the fan relay wasn't the original part. Searching the Internet and the part number printed doesn't match anywhere. So the part must have gone with the previous owner. The handbook tells you all Fuses except in relay box (one behind battery), just says see specialist. I looked in the box and only see 2 relays in there. The black one that looks to be Fan relay and not original part just says 70amp on it. Again the Amp raiting could be wrong.

So question is. Can anyone tell me the correct part number I need to replace it. Also if someone has same car, am I right that it's the black one  (bottom right) and there should only be 2 in there? There's 4 possible slots but only 2 one top right and one bottom right.

Big thanks in advance and hope someone can get the Mrs mobile. As I lent her my focus for 2 days and the alternator went in mine...think we jinxed :0)

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The 70 amp will be for the Glow plugs. I wouldn't of thought the fan relay would be anything special! Just standard looking! Maybe green and square!

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