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Tow Bar advice.


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Looking to get a towbar on the focus but need some advice. Mine is the 1.6 (Zetec Petrol) so would it stain the car much towing? Has anyone with the same engine got a towbar on here? If so what do you think of it?

I will only be using a very small trailer and moving a few bits of furniture and grass cuttings to the local dump so won't be moving anything major like stones or the likes lol!.

Been thinking about it for a while now , I'm not keen on the look of towbars but would be getting one of the detachable types so  I can pop ot on when I need it, so this solves that issue lol! But being able to pull the trailer fromnA to B would be great and also be fit to take the kids bikes about in the summer ect.


Thanks .

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Thanks Dez, I actually forgot about the cam bus. I will pick up one near the summer and get one of those boxed you linked to for the electrics part of it. 


was looking a detachable one like these




and at the cheapest I can get lol! 



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Installed one on my Mk2 without any cambus issues - just connected straight into the rear light cluster wiring.  There was a little buzzer which went in series with the indicator as well.  I remember at the time that there was discussion on whether that would work or not, but the advice in the packet said to just wire it directly so that's what I did.  Not sure if the Mk2.5 electrics are different though.


Another thing, the instructions that came with the towbar (Witter brand I think) said I would have to cut out a notch from the base of the rear bumper, but when it came to it I didn't need to.  I pays to check how things fit before cutting things which can't be uncut afterwards. 

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