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Fiesta 1.6d starting/tickover problems


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I have a 1.6d, 2009, Fiesta with 90K miles. I've owned it for about 3 years, I change the oil/filter every 6K miles, air filter every 12K. Although the car generally runs great, I noticed quite a rapid decline in it's starting. Although It starts 1st time it's a little reluctant, and throws an excess diesel out of the exhaust. It then has very lumpy tickover, but doesn't stall. Once i's warmed up it runs fine. I'm still getting around 60 MPG although it used to be a bit better. I do a 35 commute to work and back during the week. It used to start and tickover fine. I removed the EGR valve and associated pipework, cleaned it, made sure everything worked before rebuilding it. There was some build up of carbon in the neck of the pipe leaving the cylinder head end, which I cleaned out, but everything else seemed in good condition. The issue seemed to occur quite quickly which suggests to me something broke and stopped working, like a sensor maybe?

Any suggestions anyone?

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What about the fuel filter, also is the Engine Management light on?

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The fuel filter was replaced less than 5K miles ago. The engine management light? Is that the one near the main beam light? If so, it occasionally flashes on start-up, but goes off within a minute or mile or two.


Anyone got any suggetions?

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