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Bluetooth module problem.


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Hi. I have a 2009 ST facelift. My bluetooth module packed up several months ago and not wanting to spend a fortune on a brand new one from ford, I purchased a second hand one from eBay. Now the part number did not match as the lasts two digits were different (AM instead of AK) however the USB worked as did the phone and the music streaming, the only thing that didn't work was the ford voice control system. Not the end of the world. The other day I came across an exact replacement module (AK) and thought that I would buy it and get the voice control system working again. I fitted it today and have found that whist the USB and phone work find, the music streaming doesn't , also the ford voice control system doesn't work. I have phoned ford but they are useless and want £100 to look at at. 

it seems the bluetooth connects as I can make calls, but I can't get the media to stream, I have tried 2 phones and neither work. I would of thought that a direct swap would have everything working again. 

Has as any body any suggestions please? Is this module faulty? 


Many thanks

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The module needs to be configured correctly for the vehicle it is installed in. If the module came from a different Ford model it will be configured differently which can cause several problems. The not working Voice Control and bluetooth Audio are common problems of an incorrect configured module.

A module with the same part number will only be a straight swap if it came from the same type of vehicle. 


Configuring and updating the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module with a suitable diagnostic system will solve the problem.

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Hi there is loads and loads of info about this on talk ford which may help you!

My mondeo bluetooth module has packed up too

It will only sync the phone and when it does its crap

You can here the engine whine when your on the phone

Ford are charging £354

For new unit fitting and update on the convers+ system... Luckily my third party warranty co are footing most of the bill, only thing I'm out of pocket is the £84.00 for the stealers "investigation" of what was wrong with the unit the other outstanding money is being refunded by the garage I bought it off..

Which I can't fault them.

What I can work out about these units is that there is two versions a Nokia and Nervo think that they work

Also what the stealers service manager told me

Was that they need to be programmed on occasions for the car

However some people have just plugged them in and they worked.

Seems to be a bit of a mine field when it comes to these.

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The brand of the module (Nokia or Novero) is basically not important. The earlier modules are produced by Nokia. At some point Nokia sold the automotive part of the company to Novero which continued the production. Basically only the company name printed on the modules changed. Some part numbers are produced as Nokia as well as Novero.

Basically only the first and middle part of the part number of the module is important. The suffix of the part number identifies the language of the module (A = English, B= German, etc.) and the revision number of the module. The revision number of the module can be any letter. The only difference between the different revision numbers is the software. After applying the Ford Audio update.on this type of module all different revisions are updated to the same (final) version which was released in 2012. Early 8M5T-19C112 modules did originally not support bluetooth Audio but after the update has been applied it will support bluetooth Audio.


Correct configuration is important to make sure the module is fully functional. The correct vehicle type, audio system which is installed into the car and supported options of the module needs to be configured in the Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module.  

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Thanks for the help guys. The module I've brought came from a 2010 fiesta which would explain why it doesn't work. 

So if I can get one from a 2009 Ford Focus ST, it should in theory work without been configured, Otherwise I have to pay ford £90 to configure it. 

Do you know if Independent diagnostics company's would be able to configure it, or will it just be Fords. 



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On a Focus MK2.5 this type of Bluetooth/Voicecontrol module can easily be configured with a modified ELM327 interface and the free ELMconfig program. This will be much cheaper than diagnostics of a Ford dealer.

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I was in my local ford stealers trying to get them to update convers+ but they said they can't do it also said that you can't fit different bluetooth modules

Surely that's bull !

As loads of people have done it

It looks like I'm stuck with CD's

And Aux [emoji35]

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They said that there used to be an upgrade kit but they have stopped doing it

Finis no I got 1746768

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The Ford IDS diagnostic system which is used by Ford dealers does simply not allow some functions. Ford does officially not support retrofitting functions so the standard diagnostic software does not allow the activation of most of these functions.

Next to this the Ford IDS software automatically searches for compatible software updates for all modules. The software does not show the actual software version and does not allow the user to choose which software version to install. It also does not allow the user to downgrade the software to a previous version.

The Ford dealer is right that they are not able to activate this function using the IDS system in standard mode.


However many functions can still be activated using the Ford IDS diagnostic system by using a workarround procedure or by activating the special engineering functions. Officially a Ford dealer is not supposed to use the engineering functions so many of them will not even know these functions exist. In standard mode only a few settings of the Central Car Configuration can be changed while in engineering mode all possible settings of the Central Car Configuration can be changed.


I own a Focus MK3 USA instrument cluster which is technically identical to the European instrument cluster. However it has a different hardware ID and the software is different. Because of this the Ford IDS software does not recognise it as a suitable part for my car and does not allow updating the software. This can only be solved by updating the software manually using a suitable diagnostic system. In this case I used a simple ELM327 interface and the FoCCCus software.


Bottomline is that many things in fact are possible but cannot be done by a Ford dealer using the IDS diagnostic system. 

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