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MK3 Mondeo oversteer


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I have a 2006 56 MK3 Mondeo 2.2TDCi Hatch with terrible oversteer both on left and right turns.

I've had the alignment checked and it was said that only the toe needed adjusting. I've also replaced the rear drop links.

Is there anything common on these cars that can case the oversteer?

Additionally the car likes to pull to the left, are these issues related somehow?


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Was it a proper 4 wheel alignment or just the simple one. Bushes may give oversteer problems but you normally get a knocking noise it the are worn.

do you have decent tyres or just cheap ones, right tyre pressures?

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The place I took to, ETS, has a proper 4 wheel alignment machine so I'm assuming so

Tyres, I've only had the car since October and I've not had any fitted, the fronts where new when I bought it but the rears weren't, the tread is a little low, one lower than the other and are missmatched - different brands

I check the pressure fairly regularly


I have poly bushes to fit to the subframe when I get the time


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