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Replacing Locks + Blocking a Key


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My mother recently had her car keys stolen. We have the spare key. It's a 2015 Fiesta 1.0 EcoBoost.

What is the cheapest way around this? I can swap the barrels to stop the physical-key access easily enough, but can Ford easily block the old key? 

Alternatively I pay Ford £600 for the privilege, or my Mum loses 18yrs of no claims bonus.



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An auto locksmith can remove all programmed keys and de synch remote locking fobs, make a new key and programme the new one and the spare for the car.

Going to be a lot cheaper than Ford dealer, find a local one and get a quote.

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An auto locksmith can recode the immobiliser to exclude missing keys and replace physical locks but it won't be cheap.

Tbh taking a hit on the insurance and paying the excess will be cheaper in the long run.

Telling the insurance company is highly advisable because if the thieving beggars steal the car with the missing key then your Mother would get nothing.

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12 hours ago, dLockers said:

Is that true though? The answer always used to be if you only had one key, it was a dealer job?

Can you recommend anyone?

Just google for a local locksmith and either email or ring them, you'll know the true cost then rather than guessing. As for changing the locks, probably not necessary as once the old keys have been deleted from the system it would only open the door lock and the alarm would still go off as the remote fob won`t work to turn off the alarm or the immobilizer to start the car.

And yes it can be done even with out any keys, my ecu on another car fried & I got a 2nd hand one and had all my keys recoded to the new (2nd hand) ecu for £40 a key but that was about 6 years ago.

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