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Ecoboost Carbon buildup


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I'm looking at getting an ecoboost as a diesel with a dpf isn't suitable for my sort of journeys, so I've been doing some research, but I've come across something that is a problem on direct injection petrols and that's carbon buildup in the back of the valves apparently the German cars suffer from this and there are quite a few of the larger engine ecoboosts in the US that are now having problems. 


The solution ion in the US at the moment is to replace the head, but over here they use walnut Shell blasting to remove the deposits. 

Has anyone had any problems yet? And if so what costs are involved?

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Reading that link it seems to be suggesting that PCM firmware may be a contributory factor and that software updates should reduce or eliminate the problem. That leads me to wonder if third-party remaps might make it worse.

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