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blown engine

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Hi all.


Recently my 2013 focus st250's engine busted a piston and rings

 Modifications fitted were Steeda Sound Symposer Delete and a custom Cai pipe.


Fords have denied my warranty claim stating the symposer delete has caused more pressure to build up inside the engine causing excessive heat and thus the piston broke (waiting for the report from fords).


My questions : 


1. Has anyone else blown an engine and was it covered by warranty?

2. Would Fords claim be correct? I know quite a number of people who run Symposer deletes and they have had no issues.

Any advice would be appreciated, i have made a complaint that is being investigated by Ford customer relations.

My understanding is that the sound symposer only transmits the noise from the engine to inside the vehicle.





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Technicall by blanking the symposer port on the engine you would have voided any engine warranty still held.

On a practical side I think they are talking rubbish but as far as they are concerned you have modified the engine and as such they are not liable even if the symposer delete caused no ill effects at all.

I run a 2013 ST estate as a work car and the symposer was removed by Ford themselves with no problems.

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Thanks for the reply, in the US and Australia and im sure its the same in the UK. Fords have to prove that the modification has directly caused the engine failure to deny the warranty.

Obviously by them saying that and having removed yours totally contradicts there "get out of jail card"


Have they completely removed the sympoaer unit on your work car?

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The symposer is totally absent, all pipework and modules removed.

Rather than them proving that a delete caused the damage you may be pushed to prove that it did not.

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Thanks stoney, do you know the reason why Fords removed your symposer?  And would you have a picture of the blanking plate fords have used. Cheers.


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The symposer was removed to allow space for routing of a secondary aircon plant (to keep the dog crates in the back at controllable temperatures).

As the pipework/condenser are in the way a photo would serve no positive purpose here.

I'm not sure if the ST's going from euro5 to euro6 engines means that there are any pressure differences affecting the symposer blanking location.

TBH I can't even decide whether the blanking plate on my personal ST (euro6) is metal or plastic as I can only touch but not see it.

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To be fair, you still have statutory rights to argue because their policy re warranty and get out clauses carries no weight at all in terms of your statutory rights. However, it does give them a card to go on the counter offensive with in any arguments. How much would the repair be roughly? The limit for small claims is £10k.

Also, how long have you owned the car for? In a nutshell, you would be arguing that the car is not of satisfactory quality (durability of the parts here) and that they should repair it at their expense. They would counter that by saying it is the mods you made that caused the problem. They would need to evidence that though in order to defeat any case brought by you.

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