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New zetec s 16 plate questions!!! thanks


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6 minutes ago, Magicmushroom2005 said:

Hi just ordered a zetec s in blue brandnew with satnav and privacy


basically is the satnav as good as a tomtom? also can you use the satnav while using ur aux at the same time???

will my car some with led daylight running lights that strip of lights?

also the rear lights hve the new lights?



Nice looking car youve got yourself! Yeah, you should be able to run the aux as well as satnav. Shoulnt be a problem. Are you running aux for music while your satnav gives you directions? If so, you should be alright. I dont have the satnav. My brother does and he hasnt complained about it. Yours will come with the LED DRL'S and the new 'signature' rear lights.


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The satnav works in conjunction with the radio or aux, so you can use the satnav , radio or aux at the same time.

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The satnav is tomtom and apart from not advising the posted speed limit on that road and speed cameras is as good as the stand alone version with the added refinement that the announcements say please. " Please take the next left"

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my car is a 2014 one with sat nav and it does advice you on the speed limit and also has every single speed camera on that i have come across. There is also an option in setting to chime when approaching a speed camera. I wouldnt buy another fiesta without satnav its great

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Bensawerr, Thats good, I haven't found that option yet.

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