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Clearing up Bulbs

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Just a quick one and reply with the bluntest answer or whatever, but can someone clear up something for me? 

Canbus bulbs? Someone explain these to me? I'm wanting to replace my rear light bulbs

I've found these, unsure whether they'd work or not because it says they're canbus?

Also, when bulbs are described as "Cree" that's just the LED technology used right? And they'd be OK to swap out for my normal halogen bulbs of any kind right? Given the right fitment, size etc... 



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Correct me if wrong guys but is simply all electronics using the same loom as aposed to each element having its own loom, fitment wise should be fine, i have led side, repeaters and brake lights on my escort, cree is a manufacturer of LED Bulbs

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Canbus safe lights normally have a resistor in situ to prevent the car telling you that a bulb is out.

Canbus lights have a permanent/ignition switched supply, and are remotely switched (Rather than the old fashioned way of running a 12V feed to the light switch, and then back to the lights).

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A lot of cars work on the basis, that if they are sending 12v to the light, and are getting 12v back, then surely the light is blown. If you replace the LED with it, the LED uses about 0.02% of what the standard bulb uses... the car sees that as an outage, and reports it on CAN

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