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Mk1 focus estate sway bar


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Hi there. 

I bought a 99 focus estate as a stopgap  when my v40 t4 was starting to die, and I promoted it to daily driver at the start of this year. Apart from sorting out the smell from the previous smoking owner, sticking on zetec wheels, replacing a broken oil filler cap, fixing the key, and adding tax and tyres, I have done no real work. Not bad for £250 and less than 80k.


Anyway, I had noticed a squeak from the rear, and when I changed the wheels I noticed that the drop links were cracked. I put it on my to do list, and finally looked again today. All other suspension parts and bushes are in good condition, and have been seen to recently, apart from the sway bar. When I looked at the links, I noticed the bar itself has a bend in the middle near where the central bracket is.

The job itself is straight forward, but locating the correct sway bar is not. I have read various bits about the away bar, and some sites suggest the one in the estate is different. There are loads of drop links, but most of the bars I have seen have been from the hatch. New to this car so still not up to speed in terms of parts lists or manuals. Any clarification and help locating the correct part would be much appreciated. Cheers.

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