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Help!!! Aftermarket Stereo not working with stalk control


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Focus 2010 mk2.5

Got a Kenwood single din stereo. The steering wheel control is a single wire.

Bought the pc99-x50 plus the pc99-ken patchlead 

All plugged in. Powered fine. Radio signal fine. Stalk controls.. Not fine


Done the usual, tried storing a station first, no luck, tried powering it on without the patch lead in first... No luck

Stalk control does diddly squat 

Ideas please?!

FYI in the power block behind the radio, at the bottom of the block there are two small blocks. One with a white end one black. The white has purple and purple/white wires. The black had brown and brown/white. The patch lead had brown and brown white and correct pin configuration. Is this the right one??? I presume it is but just winding what the purple wires are? 



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no one!?

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I did have a similar problem with my MK1.5 Focus and realised I had managed to blow the converter box, it was connected with a jack plug that while unplugged shorted to something.  I just had to replace it.

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yea ive messaged the guy to tell him its not working... wether that be the problem or not...

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any more advice?

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Reading about the  pc99-x50



Ford Steering Wheel Adaptor suitable for following Vehicles:

  • Ford Focus    (Jan 2005 to Feb 2007) 
  • Ford C-Max   (Sep 2003 to March 2006)
  • Ford Mondeo (Nov 2003 to Feb 2007)



Make sure you have connected any additional power wires which may be required by your adapter. I used the  CTSFO002 adaptor for mine (£25, comes with the appropriate patch lead).

Check that all the wires that connect to the unit from the Fakra connector are populated on your vehicles side - I don't know if they changed wire positions or resistor values inside the stalk controls between the years.

The purple wires are probably for the illumination circuit, which isn't used with most aftermarket systems.

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hey - I bought a replacement pc99 and its working. The box was clearly stuffed on the first one! So thank you thus far for all replies. 

For anyone else who gets one of these, those are the things to check:

first that the purple wires and the brown wires are in the correct position on the adapter lead to the quadlock in the car - the first wasnt, and even though it didnt resolve my problem, it would have never have worked even if the box wasnt broken! You can unclip these though (at least you could on mine, and it was an autoleads one)

Secondly - when all else fails - ask for a replacement!! Seemed like a cop out, but i didnt know what else to test. 


And for anyone interested in what I did, in regards to the 'pattern' in which to plug in -

  • Plugged in quadlock, stalk adapter to quad lock, adapter to headunit wi,re but left the 2 pin power lead out of the stalk adapter box.
  • Turned on engine to see stereo worked. 
  • turned off engine, plugged in 2 pin power to adapter.
  • turned engine back on - hey presto! 

dont know if these steps did any sort of difference, but i wasnt taking chances this time! 

Now to decide if i want to upgrade the head unit to a double din :/

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