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Just bought a 2008 Ka


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Returning member here - had a string of Fords before (mostly fast fords) - this time I'm back having just bought a 2008 Ka Zetec Climate as a first car for my son who turns 17 next month.

Looked at a lot of them before settling on this one - from older ones with the Endura engine, through plenty of rotten examples (sills & filler caps especially), some dodgy sellers, some with mayo in the oil cap, some with melted steering wheels... you name it we saw it - this one has 33,000 on the clock, fastidiously maintained, only hint of rot is around the rear wiper spindle and on seeing this one it was pretty clear to us it was THE one to buy.

Paid £1600 for it, now thought I'd intro myself and ask for some hints & tips of what do check for, any pre-emptive fixes etc., as I'd like this car to be reliable for the lad while he's learning. So any common issues I should look out for, sort out before handing him the keys?







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Door handles break easily - tell him to go easy on them.

Get an obd tool plug it in and check the car - i do this as a matter of course when i go to check any car out now!
It will pull up any potential issues!

Nasty for water leaks - check the carpets in the drivers and passengers footwell especially up under the dash as it usually leaks in from the scuttle.

Like my Streetka swimming pool complete with goldfish!


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Thanks. Picked it up today - 30 mile drive home and it never missed a beat. Carpets seem dry despite the fact the seller has no garage so it lives outside.

Where is the ODB port? I didn't realise there was one on these - I assumed the ancient technology they're based on meant that they predated modern diags!

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obd on your 08 plate as shown in your photos is behind a bit of carpet on n/s foot well in left corner, you will see a rectangle cut out, just give a pull and it flips open.

gary was probably refering to the later 08/58 ka  and that is on o/s

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Yeah on my Streetka is on the passenger side left front behind a very cheap and nasty velcroed flap of carpet - very convenient location when the water pours in from the leaking door seals to ruin your obd electrics lol

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