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Removing EGR Cooler altogether


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Hi Guys,

So, it seems I have inadvertently stripped my EGR thread, so now, I can no longer secure the EGR Pipe with the EGR blank plate into place.... !Removed!!

So, since I wasnt using it anyway and I cannot stand the EGR system, I am planning on doing a full removal. From what I gather, the following are going to be required as a bare minimum:

1) EGR Blanking plate and Gasket, to fit to the head of the EGR (near the turbo)

2) EGR Blanking plate and gasket, to fit to the bottom of the engine (near the gearbox).

3) Replacement coolant hose, to bypass the EGR inlet and outlet.

Beyond that, it looks like a case of unbolt from top and bottom, and the support in the middle, and pull out! I will leave the EGR valve itself in place, as thats not hurting anyone, and its just more of a nad ache to remove it and bypass it.

Does this sound about right?

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