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Urgent (as doing this tomorrow), should I use semi or fully synthetic oil for my gearbox?

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4 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

Yes, it needs a diagnostic test done to find the cause of the light, chugging could be a symptom of the fault. :smile: 



I went back to see my mechanic friend before, he is saying what I thought all along, that light is the gearbox light he says and also says manual gearboxes do have sensors in them so any advice to this update ?



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I have to agree with tom, there are no sensors on the mtx 75 5speed, can you photo the light that is illuminating so we can confirm what this light is for?

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Stop taking your car to this idiot 'mechanic', he is the cause to most of your troubles, FACT.

He is no mechanic and is doing you no favours.

I feel he may be taking advantage of you because you know little about cars.

Sorry, I had to say it, he is a tool and I wouldn't trust him as far as I could throw him.

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I suspect the light you have is the orange cog light, which would be the powertrain light, this can be used as an additional trouble light, such as the Check Engline Light.


For example, recently I had problems with the injector leak off pipe, and slightly disconnected one of the connectors. I got limp mode and of all lights, the skid control (Electronic Stability Program) light came on. Had nothing to do with the engine though!

Always worth scanning for codes yourself.

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