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Juddering tdci at 1500-2200rpm


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Hi everyone, first post here after lurking for a while! Great forum by the way!

Right, here's my problem. My 06 plate 2.0 tdci is experiencing a problem under acceleration, about a month ago I replaced a split hose from the EGR Valve after lumpy running and the usual black smoke. The EGR was full of thick carbon which I cleaned out whilst replacing the split hose. The car seemed better afterwards, the smoke wasn't as bad but still seemed to be smoking more than it used to. When accelerating from around 1500-2200rpm the engine feels like it's shaking or juddering, particularly in 5th and 6th gear. Also, I tried to give it a good blast last week up the motorway and took it upto around 100mph at which point I lost power and the coil light came on! I slowed down and drove home normally, turned the car off and on and the coil light cleared again. After reading a few posts on here I bought and fitted the blanking plate to the EGR which has stopped the smoke problem and improved the performance but the juddering still persists. Could it be that I need to strip and clean the inlet manifold (which I haven't done yet) as this could be choked up like the EGR was? Or does it sound like something more costly and specialist? Pretty sure the car was ok before the split hose problem started although it was probably driven for a while before it was discovered as my gf drives it mostly so it was a while before she mentioned it to me!!

Hope all that makes sense, all help greatly appreciated, cheers

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Blanking plate is not the cause.

I am thinking of injectors, Air/fuel-filter......

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