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advice on intermittent coil light


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i have a 05 euro 3 2.0tdci. 123 thou. recent fuel filter ( unconfirmed if its genuine ford though ), it sometimes runs lumpy on idle when ticking over. but then in a split second runs smooth, then perhaps 3 or 4 minute later its lumpy again. also when i put my foot down in 3rd or 4th the car will flash the lights of death at me on 8/10 times. off then on fixes it. ive tooken off EGR and cleaned all the soot outer it, and its been plugged in to fault reader, shows a fault to do with air pressure on something along them lines, and no others. i dont know where to start now. is it quite possible its this mystery new fuel filter that isnt genuine? or perhaps an injector? ( altho id expect more consistent issues and clattering ). any help is awesome . 

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