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Diesel pump problems


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I recently bought a Ford Focus (09) TDCi 1.8 with 96K miles on it.

Car seemed fine to start with and then last week began to splutter and lose a lot of power.  This could be at anytime when driving.

We brought it to a Ford dealer who ran diagnostics on it - that said replace EGR valve, which has been now done but the problem remains.  The next diagnostic test said that the fuel system had a problem.  So the dealer checked the fuel filter and pump and found small metal filaments in both.  The dealer doesnt seem to want to take on the job of fixing this now as he said he has seen the same problem in the past and it broke his heart fixing those.  

What do i do next - i understand where the mechanic is coming from, and he doesnt appear to want to rip me off what the way he is talking to me.  The car isnt worth much anyway so just dont know what to do.  I was thinking of getting the injectors and pump tested to see if they need replacing first and then take it from there.

Has anyone else seen similar problems with their Focus?


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if there's metal in the fuel system I wouldn't bother I think what's he's saying is to fix it properly you'll need to drop the fuel tank and clean it out clean out the fuel lines replace the pump and filter and possibly even the injectors it can be a costly process so I think he's saying its not worth it you can get a test done but once you mention metal filaments in the filter you'll get the same answer .the filaments may be in the system already causing you're power loss issues

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If a pump has disintegrated and left metal filaments (swarf) in the fuel system, then a decent garage would have to quote to replace the whole fuel system to ensure no more issues, this is very costly and worth more than a vehicle is worth usually on cheaper second hand vehicles. You can choose to clean out the tank and only replace parts like the pump and try and clean fuel lines, but if there is still swarf in the system then it is likely to still play up or cause further issues.

This used to be a common problem with some Vauxhalls, the quote to fix them were around £3K from memory to replace every part of the fuel system.

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ive had to do the "replace everything" on a focus mk3 1.6tdci , tank, lines, pump , filter etc, managed to get away with injectors.

pump had broken up .

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