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1st go @ modding


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Did you use my guide mate? Pulling the grille off usually breaks it so a trim tool or bumper off are the only options.

That wire. Is to do with the front parking sensors? Never seen that on my 2 cars.

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I thought the wire was for the fogs. Anyway I checked all my lights and the front sensors. All works as normal.聽

Next will be the front bar wrapped and possibly the roof.

Need a black spoiler and I'm scouring the fook聽out of eBay & gumtree.

Saving me penny's so need cheap as possible.

Update ya with any finds.

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The gangster wrapper is a flop so I've decided to bit the bullet and do it myself.

Gonna attempt the bumper bar first. Then if all goes well I'll do the roof and mirrors. Watched a shed loada vids off utube and the principles are easy enough....Maybe a new career. Hehe.

Got myself some gloss black vinal, a squeegee and some cutting tape. Have a heat gun I hope I can borrow, if nor argoose has them cheap. So I'll let you know how I get on soon. Won't be till next as I've ordered it today.

Been looking at rear diffusers聽(bumper bottoms) and had this one in mind. Only thing that's a put off is the combined diffuser聽and side wings. There not 3 seperate items.

A few wow member is selling his st one but 200 notes is alot ..聽


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Fair play to you mate, you're certainly making it your own.

I'm liking the pedals, where did you get those from and were they easy to fit?

Also like the look of the foot rest and arm rest, would be in the market for those.

Look forward to your next update

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You聽can get two聽sorts of pedals at fordpartsuk... 聽Probably other places like tch artisan,trust first parts..



for the price difference, and look alone I went for the first link. They have these pedals on the ST and ZS I believe.聽

Mine (the top link) were so easy to fit. You remove the rubber cap pedals by pulling them off, they're like a rubber glove type fitting.聽

The new ones sit in place on the pedal itself the wrap around by bending/wrapping the metal lugs around the back of them... Use pliars, along with a cloth, save you from scratching them 馃槈

The armrest, surprisingly easy to fit!聽

If you fancy an聽armrest give me a shout.聽

I'll point you in the right direction and help you with it.聽

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Finally ....聽my first go at wrapping and im 80%happy with it.

Next is the mirror covers and possibly some chrome deleting. Ill get the roof done by a聽shop as its a big area to do and it isnt that easy.


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