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Fiesta Econetic 2009 - Radio Auxillary Problems


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Hi all,

I have a 2009 Econetic, and am having difficulty in playing my ipod through the Aux function on the radio.

There is a 3.5mm jack plug. When I press Aux on the radio, nothing happens.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance

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Is the volume at max on the iPhone? Low inputs levels will just not be 'seen'.? Is your radio the original one? Is the socket still connected to the system? Some radios/DVD stacks have more than one prerequisite to pressing the vehicle main  'AUX' button, like no CD is to be in the player, plus any 'aux button on the actual radio or a combination of buttons, a pseudo 'aux' will need to be pressed first on the radio, before the car main 'AUX' can be pressed and so take the input line from the 3.5 mm jack. I wonder why you are using this rather old tech socket for your input when If you have the bluetooth factory you also have an adjacent USB port. This will accept any USB device, as long as it is fulfils nothing other than the basic USB requirements. These are that stick for example be formatted with 'FAT 32', (not the windows default of 'NTFS'), and a capacity not over the old windows max of 2GB. If so then the USB stick or whatever will be seen on the Econetics USB bus when plugged into the USB port and the vehicle main 'AUX' button is pressed. Any mp3 track on such a stick may then be bi-directionally accessed and played by the vehicle system, either by the buttons or by voice. Don't forget the 3.5 mm jack is a 'one way' flow into the car audio system not bi-directional like the USB bus so you can only control track selection and so on from the device itself, not via the vehicles control system as you can when you have the factory fit Bluetooth/USB option with the ability to send and receive data to the USB device you have plugged in. ie. The USB socket in the Econetic is not just there to charge stuff from, it is all singing all dancing, so far as technology went a few years before the Econetic was built. nb it can also be used to re-flash the firmware of the radio/DVD/display/GPS/Blutooth stack, although I have done this only once, then I think Fords like a small child who something more interesting, they gave up on updates for the Econetic and moved on. It would have been nice to get some simple things fixed like auto set the clock for daylight saving, maybe a half hours work for a competent Ford software engineer.

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