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3cycl eco boost engine rattle/response from ford

zetec steve

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1st up if your reading this and can tell me how to add a picture/attachment I will post the letter from Ford.

Recently my new ford fiesta 1.0 3 cylinder eco boost 140 just turned 2300 miles starting making a rattling sound just as I start to apply throttle and just as I release  the throttle 

so I when to my local dealer where I bought the car for them to look at. Confirming the noise the car was booked in and kept for three days.

Today they called to say car could be collect but they had a letter from ford that was not of any help.

The noise is coming from the turbo actuator rod thing and Ford say this the norm' and will quieten as the engine approaches 20'000km   and is not just for the 140 bhp but also the 100 and 125 ,although from what I can find not all cars with this engine have the rattle.

I am now trying to build a case to present to Ford to have this rectified so if you own a car with this engine and have or don't have the rattle can you please reply to my post and let me know.

thanks for reading and I will update this post as and when I get a response from ford.


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9 minutes ago, mikeyd1 said:

I thinks i had this rattle on all 3 of my ecoboosts 

did it cause you any probs and do you still have a 3cylinder eco boost ?

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6 minutes ago, Shelby - Fiesta Zetec S said:

i have this rattle on my 15 plate 140 ecoboost

have you spoken to your dealer or Ford about it ?


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all the ones ive seen do make the noise , and to varying degrees of loudness. and i would also say the newer the louder, 

some people do tune into it and notice it, and some dont notice even when quite loud.

the noise has been there from the first fiesta/ focus produced so i doubt you will get your noise fixed.

but good luck anyway.

my focus 1.0 ecoboost is fairly quiet on 43k.



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well my situation has gotten worse.....

Got the car back last drove it the quarter mile home fine..........got in today and it felt sluggish got on motorway and no power road was quiet so dropped speed to 50 foot to the floor in 5th nothing eventually starting moving dropped to 4th ( normally very responsive ) NOTHING foot flat to the floor not doing

anything .

went straight into dealer asked to leave it with them , called me a couple of hours later ....nothing obvious everything connect but no boost/power .

will need to wait until start of week to find out.

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Black/Red edition 140.  Turbo actuator rod rattles Like hell.  The rest of the car is fine.  27k on clock.  Any fixes or updates to this?  Fed up of being told it’s normal 

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Throttle spring for a Mini. (Old type, not a BMW designer handbag.) Hook it around the rod and tie the other end to something solid with a wire, putting the minimum extension on the spring. Just enough tension to stop the rod from rattling without inhibiting its movement.

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