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Battery and tick over


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I disconnected my Diesel 2007 Mondeo 12V car battery in the engine bay yesterday, only for about 2 seconds, to check the earth to body connection was good because it looked a little green in places on the surface - all was ok underneath so I tightened it up promptly.

After this I had to put the Radio Code in again - all stations and SAT NAV settings and destinations were still present. This surprized me. But it got me thinking though I a radio code was needed...

Are there any other effects by disconnecting the 12V car battery? Could it have wiped out anything else? Will anything have been lost from the e-Prom or ROM such as tuning settings or any other car setting?

Only one effect I have noted is the tick over is slightly higher when it's warmed up. But then I'm not sure whether this was there before to be honest.

I would appreciate any feedback. With Thanks

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Thanks Russ. Windows are ok, thankfully. 

If the ECU is now in re-learning mode, does it eventually learn and revert to normal revs? Or do I have to make it learn that it's thinking is wrong? cheers

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Here's an amazing thing. Today I reset the average speed mph and average mpg to zero and drove carefully for 25 miles. It did 67 mpg running at average of 60 mph with an occasional turbo boost as I passed slower vehicles on the dual carriageway. If it's re-learning, its doing really well. I give it 10 out of 10 for trying, and being green :smile:

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