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No power to air con compressor

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Hi there, I hope somebody out there can help me with an air con problem on my 2008 Mondeo Titanium X estate.

Since I have had the car the air conditioning system has never been able to automatically adjust to the temperature inside the car. In other words when it's hot outside and the interior boiling it has never been able to set the fan to maximum output when the temperature is set to its lowest. You had to up the fan speed manually. Recently the system has packed up all together and I have had it checked only to find their is full pressure in the system but no power is being sent to the air con compressor. The relays have been checked and are fine but still no power to the compressor.

Could the problem be linked to the interior sensors which have always been problematic? The guy that checked the system tells me to rake it to my local Ford dealer!

Has anybody any ideas how I can fix this before I fry!!!

Many thanks

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does the radiator cooling fan kick in when you switch air con on, and have you had a service recently( changing pollen filter can knock one of the sensors next to it)

drop the fusebox down and check connector is attatched to the blue coloured sensor
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Hi there, no the cooling fan does not kick in when I switch the air con on and I have never changed the pollen filter since I have had the car. Can you explain a bit more about checking the connector


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Is the aircon system fully gassed up and functional?

Aircon systems have a safety cut off that stops the compressor running if the pressure is low to protect the pump.

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