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Jammed Radio/SatNav

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We have a 2005 Mondeo Titanium and with a reset of the car battery a while back, the radio was of course locked. Unfortunately, what we thought was the radio code noted down in the manual turned out to be something else. So in order to get the pin, we need to get the serial number of the side of the radio/SatNav, but we can't remove it!! Two different mechanics have tried to do it, using the official keys but neither could. It's likely that the latches are bend (perhaps as a result). We've gotten a set of removal keys and have tried it ourselves too. The Ford mechanics tell us that they could perhaps get it out by removing the dash, but even that sounds unlikely because of the screws holding it in place.

Has anyone experienced anything like this before? If so, how did you get it out or get the PIN?! Alternatively, has anyone got pictures of the latches on the inside of the Radio/SatNav so that we could perhaps better understand the mechanics behind it?

Thank you!

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The 'removal' keys must "click" in & then, normally, you can pull out the device.

But, I think that the VIN number can bring the solution. Go to your( a ) dealer, give him the VIN and normally they can track the serial number and the radio-code



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You wont be able to get radio code from vin number unless the radio code has been saved when inspected by original selling dealer

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