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erratic and lumpy idle


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Hi all.

 2006/7 Mondeo mk3 2.0 TDCi, Mentioned before in a previous post, when cold the idle is good then after about 2 minutes it will start to idle erratically. It feels as if it is going to stall but doesn't.once the temp gets up a bit then it idles smoothly. Otherwise the car runs superbly and using the onboard computer is showing 57.5 mpg. Car doesn't smoke and has had oil and filter change, fuel filter change,injector cleaner,re-coded injectors. 

 Could the problem lie in the  'fuel pump regulator imv valve' ? I don;t know what this does, can anyone through any light on this and what this valve does?

Many thanks in advance

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Try oxicat in your fuel.I found good reviews on the Jaguar site and put in my Mondeo I just got after trading in my Jag.Much smoother and feels better at low speeds after a few days.Most reviews by the Jag guys said it was very good and mpg improved.Only £12.99 on ebay so worth a try.

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