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Mondeo Towbar access to bolts exhaust end

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Hi all,

Anyone got ideas about how to correctly Torque towbar nuts at exhaust end. instructs I have for the tow bar are to remove the exhaust hanger and remove the heat shield nut near the middle end, drop the exhaust and access the bolts through there. Tried this but no matter how much I try I cannot get the torque wrench to in in such a way that I can move the wrench enough to even get one click on returning to original position. I did think about using a universal adaptor and extension but the angle created would be over 30 degrees and apparently it is impossible to control torque settings. Do not want to have to remove exhaust. My Mondeo is a Diesel 2012, are the exhausts bigger on those?


If anyone has any idea it would be greatly appreciated, I spent hours yesterday under the car trying from every angle.


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Have done it on my 2011, yes its very tight but can be done. What I had to do was put my right arm in forcing the exhaust and heat shield down and hold the socket in place while tightening with my left hand. Thing I got 2-3 clicks for every "turn". If that does not work, I belive you need a new tool with finer clicks... 

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Thanks for the responses :)

Lars- Will try it again. Maybe I was a little to gentle in pushing the back box down in case of damage. Will see if I can borrow someone else's wrench also.

John - Was hoping to avoid that. If I still cannot avoid I will do that. Not really a mechanic so want to avoid. How difficult is removing the back box?


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Get a block of wood wedged in beteeen exhaust and body,( release exhaust off rear rubber mounts) that will give clearance and free up both hands to tighten up bolts.

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