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'06 Mondeo 2.2 Estate ABS problems


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Hi all

My Mondeo's developed a few problems :sad: It's a 2006 2.2 TDCi estate. 

The first of the problems is that the ABS seems to kick in even at low speeds / light braking - then when you drive over a certain speed (about 60mph) both the ABS warning and the handbrake warning lights come on. Once the ABS / handbrake light are on the brake pedal feels normal again but obviously has no ABS or speedo. The car also doesn't seem to start as well as it used to, it's like a weak battery but I've tried a few different known good batteries now - so I cleaned up the main earths, the ones coming off the engine fusebox and added my own earth which has made a bit of a difference but not as much as I'd hoped.

So far I've:

Bled all the brakes (had to change a rear caliper last week)

Removed all the ABS sensors, cleaned them and cleaned the surface rust off where they read from on the front hubs

Disconnected and reconnected the ABS module plug (no moisture / dirt)

Checked all the ABS fuses

Checked the ABS sensor leads / connectors

Measured the resistance of all the ABS sensors - all gave consistent readings

I've ordered a super F cable but I'm hoping there's more I can check before it arrives.


When I turn the engine off / on the warning lights disappear and the pedal gives that ABS type feedback again at low speed and the lights come back on after being driven a bit. 

There's also shuddering when the engine is labouring a bit in higher gears - not sure if this is linked.


Anyone got any ideas? :smile:

Thanks in advance


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I think you have done all the right things. Faults seem specific to the ABS but wiring or Instrument Cluster problems can not yet be ruled out. You need the diagnostic system.

I do not know what the Super-F system is like, I use an ELM-327 & Forscan, and there is quite a lot on this forum about this system. The Super-F cable looks almost identical to an Elm-327, I bet it is the same, and would work with Forscan & other ELM based packages. But the Super-F package may work fine.

See what the codes say.

If you get lots of U codes related to the CAN bus, then suspect the IC or wiring. If it is mostly P codes related to the ABS, then a new ABS module may be the only answer.


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im betting its a  wheel bearing fault. 

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I've finally got round to plugging the Super F in today and the Formidable software - it connected fine but only shows the codes I could get with my generic code reader. The ABS and Cluster options are greyed out so I can't look at either of them. Has anyone had this issue with Formidable before?

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1 hour ago, mcmuurray said:

The ABS and Cluster options are greyed out so I can't look at either of them.

The Super-F interface interface unit looks very much like the ELM327. Since the ELM327 is a de-facto global standard, (See below), the super-F unit might work with Forscan. You will lose nothing by downloading Forscan & giving it a go.

Forscan, is free and you can get it from


I am a bit surprised the ABS & IC modules are not being read, I see no reason for this. Please post any results here.


If interested, For my notes about ELM, see my 2nd post (Tuesday 7 June) in:


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The Super-F and Formidable software wouldn't read the ABS or IC modules for some reason - whatever I did. I ordered an ELM327 cable and downloaded the Forscan software which worked on all the modules straight away :smile:. It did show a few faults, EGR related codes (it's blanked off), also that both the front wheel sensors were faulty - replaced both and cleared the codes but unfortunately that hasn't fixed the issue. 

The only other thing I can think of is the battery - I bought a new battery for it about 8 months ago, it is a calcium battery but I don't think it contains any silver. Also the sluggish turnover suggests to me there's a dodgy earth somewhere, I've cleaned up as many earths as I can see but are there any hidden ones that are important?

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8 hours ago, mcmuurray said:

Also the sluggish turnover suggests to me there's a dodgy earth somewhere, I've cleaned up as many earths as I can see

For the starter, the only earth that really matters is the one with the fat lead from the battery to the engine, usually right by the starter motor. If the battery is ok & being charged ok, then the next most likely thing for slow starting is the starter solenoid. I managed to track down a replacement solenoid (£21) for mine, but it was not easy. Otherwise it is a motor replacement at between £100 & £200. battery type should not be that critical, esp. if new, and in summer.

Forscan can display & log the wheel speed sensor readings. There may be an imbalance (All tyres correct size & pressure?).

Otherwise monitor the situation, If the ABS light comes on, there must be a code, but it may self clear after a few start cycles.

I suspect Forcan can also display & log battery voltage, to check charging. Should stay at about 14.2 to 14.5 volts while charging, unless it has Ford smart charge, when it may drop to about 13.5v when charged.

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Forscan can show battery voltage, also can show it as live data

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