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Mondeo "blips"then goes into limp mode

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Unfortunately this sort of problem is common, and has a huge multitude of causes.

Did the MIL (engine warning) lamp, or any other warning lights light?

Even if not, there may still be DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) stored in the car. Often the light does not come on on the 1st occurrence of a minor DTC.

You can go to a garage to read the DTCs (free if they know you and are kindly, up to £100 otherwise)

You can find a mate with a scanner (may cost you a pint or similar)

You can get a generic OBD2 scanner for under £20, very easy to use.

You can get a comprehensive Ford specific system (I paid £10.00 for one). See some of my, or other people's posts on this forum (look for Forscan & ELM327). Not quite so easy to use, but Much more powerful.

Without the codes, there is no real chance of a diagnosis.

If there are no other symptoms, keep using the car (do usual oil, water checks etc), but maybe make sure your breakdown cover is up to date. Like I say, it is common.



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