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hi all im new to this forum I have the mondeo mk4.5 tit x sport 2.2 tdci I find that my air com wasn't that cold had fords regas it this week got it back but to me I don't think it is still cold enough took it back for them to check it out and they checked 4 other mondeos air con and said they wear all the some and said there all at about 7-8 degrees and said nothing wrong with mine but to me it don't seem cold enough.

any help will be appreciated   

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Air con not cold enough ? Had it re gassed and still not cold enough? Then lets look at other possible reasons for this.

'Not Enough Cool Air'
Partial refrigerant slow leak from any part of the system
Refrigerant needs a charge
Expansion valve fouled
Compressor clutch slip
Condenser blockage
Evaporator blockage
Drive belt loose (slipping)

I had the same issue as you, but on a non ford. yeah I know. The problem in the end was solved by changing the receiver-dryer.

Maybe that's an area for you to look at.

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There are a lot of things that can go wrong with an air con system (especially on a car) but 9 times out of 10 it'll be a seal in the compressor. You're problem sounds like an overloaded system though which could be a condenser or evaporator issue.

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