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1.6 TDCi won't Start


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Hi Everyone, hopefully you can help.

Drove the car twice Thursday morning no problem. Sat outside for a couple of hours. Went to go out again and nothing. It turns over but just won't catch. I plugged in the laptop and no error codes. The pump at the back of the engine seems to be making a loud metallic noise which I'm guessing is because its bone dry where I been trying multiple times to get it started. I hear this noise a few seconds after I turn the ignition off.

Am I right in thinking that the pump is mechanical as its on the cambelt and there are no fuses and relays?

Noticed on live log the FRP is 4 bar. Is that low or normal for cranking? This is also assuming the software is telling me the right thing. I also noticed there was no RPM signal so I changed the crank sensor and I now have a reading. I was thinking this had hopefully fixed the problem.

I am reluctant to change the filter as I only replaced this last month during a service although I did just use a general Euro Car Parts one and not original if that makes a difference. It seems that after a couple of attempt starts the fuel has drained from the filter and I have to re-prime with a priming bulb to fill it up again.

I also killed the battery where I been jump starting so put a new battery on. Turned it over and it nearly fired. Since then had a few more attempts but nothing. Am I still looking for another fault or do I have air in the system?

Thanks in advance


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Glow plugs seem to be an issue on these engines, I'm having to replace all four of mine at the end of the month due to them causing my 2008 to go into limp home mode. I'm only guessing here, I genuinely don't have a clue just going off what I know from my engine

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You are right in thinking the HP pump is all mechanical.

Tbh it sounds like air still in the system to me, possibly from the rubbish filter lol.  Try keeping the primer in the system and have someone pumping while you turn it over.

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assume nothing, my filter packed in after a few thousand miles, I change it every 12 but this packed in after about 5000 or so

best way I found of priming this is to suck fuel through the filter first then get a small syringe and fill up the pipe going down to the HP fuel pump, do it slow and allow the air to escape.

Then reconnect the pipe back to the fuel filter as quick as you can, those inline pumps are crap, the valves are shoddy at best, you might end up forcing as much air through it as you do fuel

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did you solve the problem?  I have a problem with my fiesta 1.4 tdci 2012. I have no rpm signal.  has replaced both the crankshaft and camshaft sensors.

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