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Mk2 ford focus 1.8tdci

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10 minutes ago, beauly dog said:

bleed fuel system on 1.8tdci 06year


These can be a pig. Took me 2 days to get mine re-started. There does not appear to be a tank fuel pimp fitted (or not connected) on these cars.

I resorted to using a hand pump to ram fuel into the filter inlet about as hard as I could. Then, after engine finally started, I had the problem of removing the hand pump without the fuel going back into the tank, filling the pipe with air. A quick swap just did it. I finally used a vacuum pump (just happen to have one!) to suck the last bit of air out of the top of the filter.

Some people say you can just fill the filter housing, and prime the filter outlet pipe with a syringe. But if you have already sucked air into the main diesel pump, this may not suffice.

Also you must be very careful when working on the pipes on the filter outlet. Even the tiniest pieces of dirt can damage the main fuel pump or injectors.

A permanently (& safely!) fitted priming bulb would be a good idea if you can get one.

I think you need to contrive some way of forcing fuel into the filter inlet, under some pressure. Like a priming bulb.

Best I can offer at the moment. I ought to redo mine this year, will have to see if I can find a good way. But then I have a vacuum pump to resort to if I need it!




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Hi is this fuel filter engine bay your on a bout? 

If so I did mine had no issue until went fire car up wouldn't start n battery went flat.

 Got told I had to dip the filter in fuel first which I didn't massive air lock.

all I did was got my friends van set jump leads loosen the injectors n put fuel into the filter took ages to fire up good hour but did in end.

fuel everywhere over engine bay gave good blast out n was fine after that just pressure washed engine.

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A word of warning:

The pressure to the injectors is between 1000Bar (15,000PSI) and 2000Bar (30,000PSI). The pipes have very high integrity metal to metal seals. Haynes and Ford are very insistent that each pipe be used only once, tightened to the correct torque, and not disturbed. A fuel leak can not be rectified by further tightening.

Slackening injector pipes was common practice on older, mechanically injected diesels, but is not recommended on high pressure common rail types.

The 1.8TDCI system has very good self priming and bleeding on the HP side of the system, it is the LP side that is the problem. Once fuel gets to the input side of the deisel pump, all will be ok after a bit of cranking.

I would only touch the HP fuel pipes as an absolute last resort.


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try one of these to bleed fuel through


not sure on the pipe sizes that come with the primer, so a bit of rubber hose may be needed of the right size to push over the outlet of filter housing.

and as peter said, its not good practice to crack high pressure fuel pipes off on tdci, tddi you could of. 

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Looking for help with my 2010 1.8tdci focus.

After the car has been sitting a while (overnight) when i start it up it idles for a few seconds then dies. Its like the fuel drains from the lines and so whatever is left in the filter is only enough to start it and idle for a couple of seconds. Iv had the filter and seals replaced with no resolution. I put a non return valve on the line and it didnt help

The only way i can get out in the mornings is by pumping the fuel back into the line via the purger thing on the non return valve.

Any help appreciated 🙏 

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