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Ford Fiesta Zetec S 2005

Jonny C

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**Please help **


Hi all :smile:

i am new to this page as you can probably see (probably posted In the wrong section!)

I own a fiesta Zetec S 2005.

the other day I drove somewhere and then went to drive home and the immobiliser light came on. The car was not able to turn on, it will not even try and fire up.

we tried to plug in a snap on code reader and it was unable to read the error code?

I was told by my friend that is a mechanic that it is a 'Ford garage' job? I really hope it isn't as they will charge me a massive amount for something I could probably fix?

i have read up on it a little and there is a few things it could be :(


i just hope hope it's not a whole immobiliser replacement!

possibly ignition barrel / antenna, key  etc?

has anyone had this before? Any help would be so very much appreciated!

is it worth disconnecting the battery? Or anything like that? 



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34 minutes ago, Jonny C said:

plug in a snap on code reader and it was unable to read the error code

A generic OBD2 scanner will not pick up many error codes apart from engine.

If the Fiesta is like the Focus, many of the Immobiliser functions are in the Instrument Cluster (or IC, the unit with the Spdeedo etc).

The immobiliser LED may flash out an error code when active. Count the flashes between the longer gaps.

If you have a spare key, try it, to rule out the key. The immobiliser coil should be fairly easy to get at, it is around the ignition barrel. Check the connector.

To avoid garage diagnostic bills, you need something like: An ELM327 interface & the Forscan system, unless you already have an alternative. This can read most Ford codes, and do Module Tests & many service functions.

You will find a lot about ELM327 & Forscan on this site, which together provide a very comprehensive diagnosis & maintenance tool.

For ELM327 see:


you will also need a program called Forscan, its free and you can get it from


Please post any feedback or further questions here.


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Hi Peter

Thanks a lot for the reply on my post.

I don't think I will get the scanner, I may wait for the diagnoses to then work out what the fault is. I hope it's not the whole immobiliser that needs replacing :(

i hope it is something minor!

we were in the process of selling the car as well!

i was just wondering is there is some generalised things that can be an easy fix? 

Like you said the coil connector etc..

it was so out of the blue for it to just break as it was driven 20 minutes prior to the fault!



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My car also went wrong very unexpectedly. It happened in Tesco car park, about to set off for home. Fortunately it did start after a few minutes, then it was on & off the next few days, and finally packed up completely a week later.

On the Focus, the PATS TXRX unit (that is the coil like thing around the lock) goes straight into the IC. Then it is all software & buses, before it gets to the PCM which disables the starter & ignition. So there is not much to check apart from the coil connector, without a scanner to look for codes that might narrow it down. Though most bus faults should light a warning lamp, as well as giving codes. So it might just be the PATS TXRX unit or its connector for your car.

Mine was a faulty solder joint on the plug on the back of the IC. All sorts of warning lights came on, as it was a bus fault. If it is a bus fault there are a number of connectors & other bits to check, and a simple resistance test.  But your does not really look like that with no warning lights on (apart from the PATS LED). (PATS is the Ford name for the immobiliser.)




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