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New Car En Route...Just a quick query....


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Hello there....

I'm new to this forum, so apologies if I have posted in the wrong space. I recently traded in my '12 Focus for a 162 Plated Focus Zetec-S. I was talking to my dealer yesterday and he was telling me that the car has been 'gate released', which he said basically means that it's waiting to be picked up for shipment. 

Does anyone have any idea regarding a time frame, from gate release to dealership..how long will that take...? 




(PS...to anyone unfamiliar to the 162 plate....the Irish Govt some years ago decided to split the car registration year in two...so for example we now have 161, Jan-July and 162 July-December). 

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Hello Seamus

If your dealer is a Ford dealer, he should be able to tell you when the car is due to arrive, Amusing it's been ordered via the ford ordering system.

It took 2 weeks for my 16 plate from order to arrival at dealers. Car shipped from Spain.

We also have split regs  16 plate and 65

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Tnx guys....!! My dealer is indeed one of two main dealers in the county...one of them situated in Galway City and another based in East County Galway. Anyways, I was first told that the car would be with the garage on the 23rd. Then the 16th (this weekend) was mentioned, it has now gone back to the 23rd again. I've been giving the dealer a call at the end of each week...but I think I'll leave him alone this week. 

Looking forward to getting a hold of the car, hopefully by the end of this month. 

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Seamus Due to the fluctuating delivery dates, It's a good way to lean on your dealer for some goodies by way of compensation.

I did and got a full tank of fuel and a full set of Ford mattes instead of just the front set.

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