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Mondeo MK3 Key Circuit Board

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Hi Everyone,

I bought a Mondeo MK3 about a year ago, and the seller said that the central locking - unlock "didn't work". I've taken apart the key fob and there is no button on the actual circuit board like there is with the lock and boot buttons.

I popped into a Ford dealership, but they're wanting to charge about £195 for a replacement key and programming.

My question is, can I purchase a replacement board myself (and if so where from and what would I type in to "search for") and then program it myself (I assume it's just a case of putting the key in the ignition, twisting forward and back 2-3 times and pressing the button etc. to program the key (at least it was like that with my old Corsa).

If anyone knows where I can get a board from and the programming instructions, I'd be most thankful.


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Update: I've found a replacement board on eBay - with instructions on the programming! I will post the programming instructions on here when I receive them in case it's useful for anyone in the future.

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Have you got both the original keys for this Mondeo...?

I lost one of my original remote keys for my Mondog and buggered the second one so had to go to fords... 2 brand new remote keys,cut and programmed to the car £320..

I've now added a third key I bought of eBay for £20...I believe up to 10 new keys can be added as long as you have two original Ford ones as you need to insert first one do the sequence take it out and repeat with the second, the led dash light will flash and I beep afaik...then you put the third key in turn to on and another beep/beeps...

If you only have the one key get it cloned..

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