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USB with music


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I recently bought a 2014 Ford Focus SE

I am highly disappointed in the USB music handling.  In the 2006 Model of Focus SE I was able to play 1460 files ALL in order and never having to do or say anything and it would play.  Now its annoying and potentially hazardous where I have to find the next  album to play thereby taking eyes off the road.  When I hit play all it then does this shuffle mode of which is NOT able to shut off even when it says its off.  Did talk to Ford tech support and all they could do is say sorry and not fix this issue.  They said they wanted album mode only on purpose.  Tech support told me to post on a site called FordIBM.com site and found its NOT there.  I tired of the run around and I was once a Proud Ford owner now getting annoyed with lack of desire to fix this.  As to where one could just stick the thumb drive in and let the car play the music from the top or from where it left off. 

Has anyone found a way around this using a thumb drive.  NO not enough room on my phone and I do not own a ipad or iPhone or anything apple. 

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my being a technician I should also note I am in the car a lot.  My company would never had allowed this to go unfixed and would have tried my hardest to fix this issue inside a week.  None of this was even conveyed by the tech support person.  He basically ignored me and had no care in the world and I doubt he listened to anything I said. 

Should have mentioned that I went to a local ford dealership and was put in contact with a IT person and he found it odd he couldn't get it to work in order himself.  I have my doubts that this be pushed for the programmers to get on the stick.

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The car reads the track title first and puts everything in alphanunerical order.

Reauthor the files using mp3tag.

Link to guide for using software under my posts when viewed on a PC.

If it is the sync2 system turn off gracenote as it causes more trouble with file ordering too.

Sent from my SM-G930F

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