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removing headlamps mk7 fiesta

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I need fit some new bulbs as for some reason my sidelight has gone dodgy already? i got a new bulb set and ready to replace it, started following instructions, removed the 2 screws and plastic holder, removed the electrical connector then as i try to pick it up it seems to get stuck on something? how do you get the headlight off?! if anyone knows would be of great use to me because i dont fancy taking it to fords just for that

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I have done this to replace bulbs in the headlight cluster.

If the 2 bolts are out and the connector is free it is just a case of pulling the whole headlamp assembly upwards and slightly backwards. It does seem strange but underneath the headlamp is a long U shaped plastic socket fitted to the chassis and the headlight has a ball shaped peg which fits into this socket. All you need to do is prise it upwards slowly and the ball will come out of the socket! Try to prise it up gently with your fingers underneath while stopping it flying into space, once the clip beneath finally lets go!!!

Just be careful because the front of the headlight is very close to the plastic front grill panel which appears to be quite flimsy at this point. However it should come free without breaking. As with all bits of plastic they do look very flimsy and as if they are about to shatter into a million pieces.

I assume once it has been in and out it will release a bit easier 2nd time around.

Replacing is just the reverse - wiggle into place and push downwards until it clicks back down.

I bet an orthopedic surgeon would find it easy to do - LMAO


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thanks!!! it sounded like i broke something when i pulled it out! thought it was gonna be another cost going out to add to new shocks wish bar and paint :P haha but thanks guys!

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Try to look here:


There is also one smaller plastic holder under the light ;)

That's an awesome "how-to" - I wish someone could translate what is being said so I could follow it with 100% confidence lol

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Anyone wanting a translated version of that German forum can also click this link

Fiesta/Ka German Forum (Bablefish Translated Version)

From there you can also navigate the entire forum from within the Babelfish portal to get a translated version of every page, even the index pages. Very clever :)

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