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2001 Crown Vic Police Interceptor advice


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I’d like to understand why a Ford 2001 Crown Victoria Interceptor can go so fast  in reverse and whether it has only one reverse gear. 


I'm writing from a television production company based in London. We are currently making a show for Discovery and one of the clips we are hoping to feature follows world renown American stunt man Bryan Spangler who broke the world record for the longest reverse ramp jump: https://youtu.be/KF9XDZGSx4g?t=48


One of the reasons he could break the record was because he could travel so fast in reverse gear, he found the Ford 2001 Crown Victoria Interceptor could get up to 60mph backwards where most cars topped out at 30-40mph. 


In the series we feature some in depth scientific explanations for each of the clips we feature therefore I’m really keen to understand the engineering behind why this model was able to make the jump! A slower car could never have reached a world record breaking distance. 


If anyone has any knowledge in this area or advice about where I might be able to find out more I'd love your suggestions. I am in touch with Ford but sometimes it's the owners who are incredibly knowledgeable and quick to respond!


Many thanks,



Kate Dooley 

Discovery Networks


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