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Two outstanding recalls what were they about?

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Hi, yesterday I dropped into my nearest Ford dealer, partly to find out where it was and partly to get an idea about servicing costs as I will need one in January (yeah I know but I like to plan ahead a lot). Anyway it must have been a slow day as they offered to give the car a quick once over (it came from a car supermarket). Interestingly they said that there were 2 oustanding recalls for recalls for the car. (a 3dr 1.4 titanium petrol).

1. recall was for a pipe in the cooling system and the second was for the battery box. They changed both there and then under warranty took about 30 mins.

I am just curious what these 2 recalls were about the cooling pipe is mentioned on here but not the battery box. Did this happen to a lot of cars or specific models ?

Has anyone else come accross this?

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