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Throttle response problem on 2.0tdci 2004 c max ( I would imagine problem would relate to any ford with this engine )


Bought  an o4 cmax 2.0 tdci a few months ago and had a few incidents as follows

can be driving along normally and car stops responding to accelerator pedal.

it will tick over all day long and isn't lumpy at all but sometime can't get any revs from it when pressing the pedal.

after a while it seems okay again .

keeps doing it every week or 2

ive had a number of mechanics look at it

1 suggested fuel problem but as it seems to tick over perfectly , even when the problem occurs, this seems unlikely

ive changed fuel filter as was suggested but still does it.

Another suggested ear valve is best blanked of but this made no difference


after looking on various forums the topic of throttle position sensor has been thrown up which does seem to make sense .

it is obviously an  intermittent  fault so the problem could be bad connector??


has anyone ever had the same problem and come up with a possible solution ?



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7 minutes ago, Apjms said:

the topic of throttle position sensor has been thrown up

This info actually applies to the Mk2 focus, but I think mk1 (basis for 2004 Cmax?) will be similar.

The accelerator pedal has a dual sensor. Any serious mismatch in the two readings will trigger a warning lamp with a matching error code. However the power for both sensors is common, and if that fails (connector, wiring or at the powering end), then both sensors will read zero, which may go to idle speed, with no error light.

On the Mk2 focus, the power for the pedal sensors comes from the Instrument Cluster.

The 2.0TDCI engine does have a throttle valve (aka anti-shudder valve). This is not used in controlling engine speed or power, but is used in conjunction with the EGR system, and at switch off. It is possible this is shutting, but I would have thought that would affect idle (probably stall), and trigger a warning lamp.


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