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Speaker wiring


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Hi all, 

Need some help, I have a all new mondeo 2015 and want to put a amp/sub in, it does not have RCA output so was thinking in line adaptor, Speakers to RCA, however, as it is a new car I am struggling to find any wiring diagrams for the speaker side of things, can anyone help with trying to identify the speaker wires please, I have attached a picture of what I am faced with.

Thank you for any help you may be able to give.



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I've now been told that these in line connectors are a waste of money and sound chap,  anyone had any experience with these or is there other options out there ?

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If by in-line connectors you mean the Scotchlok 'Vampire Tap' type things, they probably aren't the most reliable things long term and are likely to be intermittent as the car gets older/has some moisture ingress, and that isn't likely to sound good.

Also it depends a bit on how you use them; if vibration can put strain on them, that makes things worse, and if you pass the full speaker current through them (as opposed to just passing the minimal current to a high-ish impedance input) that could be worse too. And, there are different sizes for different wire gauges, and not everyone uses the right ones.

Stripping the wire locally, and going to a soldered connection is always likely to be better, making the usual assumptions about strain relief, insulation, etc, etc.

As to the wires, It Is likely that they are amongst the thicker wIres (power and ground likely to be the thickest) and that they are the same colours as the wIres that end up by the Speakers (unless there s a split for any reason). Sorry, don't know more.

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Thanks BOF when I say in line connector or some xall it lowline connector, or line output to rca connector  I mean a bit of kit that changes the normal speaker to a RCA connector so I can connect to the amp, was not refereing to hiw to join them mate.

This is what I mean, Connector here


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Those are convertors and not connectors, per se.

Again the results depend a bit on how you use them: you have a high level out of  your existing HU/amp and while you are far better off using an RCA (line level) out of your HU/amp, if you don't have one, you don't have one.

These things are usually a pair of resistors connected as a potential divider. the temptation is to connect them by the HU and there are some problems with that. firstly any capacitance in the wiring to the other equipment acts as a low pass filter. That's not an issue if you are driving a sub - hey I've just filtered out some frequencies that weren't going to reproduce anyway - but may be, if you are driving a tweeter.

Acting as a potential divider, these things should attenuate both wanted and unwanted signals equally. f the earth they are connected to is close to the HU any noise on that earth (signal with respect to the other earth - the earth at the input of the receiving amplifier) does not get attenuated, and then that amplfer amplifies it, that being its job.



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