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mk4 tdci air con compressor help


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Hi all,

My aircon compressor seems to have packed up, I have ordered a new one, can anyone give me a brief walk thru and time frame on how to change it?


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36 minutes ago, bladeage said:

My aircon compressor seems to have packed up

Depending on access, the mechanical fitting should not be too difficult. Cleanliness when fitting the pipes is essential: Any dirt or swarf inside the system could wreck the new compressor in no time.

If the old compressor went badly wrong, and has put wear debris into the system, it will all need cleaning out.

The dehydrator in the accumulator/dehydrator may need renewing or drying out.

The hard part is the refrigerant. Unless it has all leaked out already, it ought to be emptied by someone who can re-cycle the gas. Bit silly really as so much of it leaks out anyway, but that is the rule.

To re-fill the system will need a vacuum pump (a good one), possibly leak detection dye, possibly dry nitrogen to do a pressure test. Then the system must have the proper amount of oil & refrigerant put in it. So it is a specialist job.

Air, dirt & moisture are deadly to a/c systems.

My Haynes manual does give a reasonable description of changing the compressor on a Focus.


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