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Give it a bit more poke

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If petrol there's not much you can do. If it's diesel then you've got more scope through remaps and other stuff (not my field of expertise but there is quite a bit of info on the forum if you do some searches).

Given the age of the car you'll probably find a Terraclean beneficial for smoother running and improved fuel economy.

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With a remap on the petrol you'll only get a few bhp. You're better off spending your money on a new air filter and making sure it's well maintained.

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Air filter n decent straight through exhaust system. I do recommend power boost valve had this on one my petrol cars Saxo vts years ago. You can adjust how much fuel goes through the lines.

does give it more poke needs set up via tuning garage though 

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Terraclean is well worth it, some places give you a discount if you get a mate to come along and get their car done too!


Me and my Mums husband are going to get our cars done in the next few weeks!


Look for replacement platinum spark plugs, get a performance washable air filter and look into the tyres you have as a lot seem to add drag and fuel usage and are loud and aren't that great in general running or in the rain!


Half a bottle of Redex in with a full tank of petrol, help clean out the tank a bit and cares a bit for the overall maintenance!


service it yearly and make sure the levels are always topped up etc not sure if you're talking about a Mk2 Focus or a Mk6 Zetec S lol

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2009 Zetec so likely the 1.6 99bhp engine rather than the 1.6 115BHP Ti-VCT found only in the Zetec S after the start of the Facelifted models.

Not much can be done with these; performance oils, performance sparks and leads, performance Air-filter, low drag tyres, weight reduction and V-Power fuels - other than that, you're stuck with what you have.

Advance the timing maybe? or have it mapped for a couple extra ponies. you wont seem much from one of these smaller displacement petrol engines without a turbo or supercharger adaption. Diesel or Petrol Turbo would be your next best upgrade if you want some real power.


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hi,, More poke as oppose to what ? Have you driven a similar spec engined car of a similar year and found your's lacking ? or do you feel that over the years it has slowed with less grunt. Some times as Tomson has mentioned, it is what it is and that's all your gunna get,, 99bhp is 99bhp no mater what you do.

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