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Hi everyone


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I just created a profile to get to grips with a StreetKA.

One of my friends is giving me her StreetKA so i can sort out any issues and pass onto my daughter as a 17th birthday present next May. (oh what it must feel like to be sweet16 again lol)

I just thought I'd get a profile up on here and start looking at "most common faults" and get a feel for what is expected.

I _suspect_ the car is of 2003 year, but I am not sure as yet.

Just thought I'd say hi - I live in Chatham, Kent. The StreetKA is going to be garaged in Beckenham, Kent, whilst I work on her and get her ready for the big day.


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Well, we have took possession of the car now. 53 plate. I think it is a StreetKa Luxury model. (Its newer than the car I drive! an 02 Focus Ghia)

Front passenger side alloy looks like its taken a battering, but I'll get them redressed.

Passenger side door won't open - or at least, there is a knack to opening it... I'm hoping its just a case of tightening something, like the lock...

The soft top roof has some wear on the drivers rear - I guess that's where the hinge is.

I am going to enjoy servicing this little car. I have yet to take it out for a spin. I guess just give it an oil change/spark plugs/ fuel filter, that sort of thing. Oh and check the breaks and tyres.

Thanks for the welcome.

Anyone know if its simple/easy enough to replace the soft top roof with another?


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