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my ka over heats to point water boiling and steam coming from coolent bottle but not loosing coolent fan kicks in fine temp light comes on but when put blowers on hot the light goes straight out chkd oil no water mixed in with it and no water leaking into rocker cover stumped as to what it might be and only happens after abt twenty mins of driving

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Hi Julian. There are a few common issues with the Ka cooling systems. These are due mainly to pressure loss which causes the coolant to boil at a lower temperature. Under pressure the coolant would boil in excess of 120 degrees C but without the system pressurised it will boil at circa 100 degrees C.

Common causes include a split in the expansion tank, warped Thermostat housing and Expansion Tank Cap not holding the pressure.

The first two should cause a leak, therefore try changing the cap for a new one. Its a cheap fix and is an item that should be changed regularly anyway. If that doesn't fix the problem then start looking at the other options. Hopefully its an easy one.If these don't work come back here and we will look at the numerous other things it could be.

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