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I'm Alex, better known as Lex. Originally from Nottingham, living in Derby. 

I have a 55 plate Focus 1.8 TDCi Titanium in Panther Black. I named her Francine as I'm an American Dad fan...anyhoo, please excuse any stupid I questions I will inevitably ask as I'm new to Fords, I've only owned the car since last November and it's only my second car after nearly seven years of driving. I used to have a poxy little mk2 Clio so the Focus is definitely a good upgrade! 

It's desperately in need of a good clean, so after I sort out the lumpy start up and problematic temperature gauge, as soon as I get a free dry day I'm treating her to a good clay polish and wax.

Mod/upgrade wise I haven't done much at all so far: new dials for the heater controls, new tailgate struts, new brake pedal switches, a fresh set of aero wipers, a smaller aerial swapped from my old car, Heko deflectors and a leather and metal gear knob from a Mondeo to replace the tattered original one. Later on I'm going for: alloys, headlights with black inners, ST/mk2.5 spoiler, new badges for the grill and tailgate, tailored mats and boot mat, a bunch of colour coding and vinyl wrap, and if one pops up a full set of interior plastics with headlining from an ST. 

Are there any go to or "must have" mods apart from the heater dials, deflectors, alloys etc? 




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