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NEWBIE - Mondeo MD - Titanium 2015 w/ rear spoiler

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Hi all. 


I purchased a Ford Mondeo MD Titanium in March 2016. Eccoboost. 


(2015 model)




Apart from being disappointed of the NO  CARPLAY upgrade or Sync 3 conversations I've had with Ford Australia...


im loving the Mondeo. 




Ive managed to win the approval to have a rear spoiler installed from the Ambienté range via the dealer. The spoiler was not allowed to be installed due to weight regulations on the automatic rear lift. 


I was able to obtain the weight details of all parts and managed to get approval to install without voiding warranty. I like the spoiler much better on the vehicle.




I've also had paint protection (aftermarket) Opticare Plus added. I requested 2 coats to be applied for a shinier look. 


So far so good. The water beads off quite well. 




Any internal Val news on CarPlay EVER getting released for Sync 2 users???








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hi and welcome

i like the black on the mondeo, especially with he paint protection, the results give it an aggressive look to it especially with the rear wing 

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